Model 3 is the latest addition to the Tesla stable. The name enjoys cult-like status not only in the minds of owners, but in the minds of punters not able to afford one.

Is the Model 3 Handsome or Homely?

The genius of Tesla is to design a car, then leave it that way for as long as possible. Take the Model S for example, it has hardly changed since it was launched, and is the better for it. The Model 3 body is a hybrid mix of steel and aluminium with a drag coefficient of 0.23. This is the only time when drag isn’f fun.

“Model 3 is a foot and a half shorter than a Model S” according to Tesla. How delightfully American of them.

We drove the pov-model “Standard Range Plus”, and was left wondering what the “Plus” meant, but I digress.

In tesla terms, pov doesn’t mean cheap and nasty, far from it. Tesla claims this entry level car is the first entry level mass market car. I don’t call 70k, e