Don’t you just hate that? You’re minding your own business and someone on a bike wobbles into your path and you miss them by the skin of their teeth. They run red lights and ignore stop signs and there is no way if identifying them. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could quote a number, perhaps like a rego number for any other road going vehicle.

I’ve always thought the reason most bike riders ignore road rules is they can. Sydney has been putting in bike paths left right and centre and they are becoming more popular as fuel, parking and tolls go up and up. It’s a great idea but perhaps there are a few tweaks which would benefit us all. A small ID plate might cost just a few dollars a year for a bike. And would it really hurt bike riders to have to pass a test to ride on the road? They might have to carry a licence as you you do when you drive a motor vehicle and this would allow errant riders to tow a line which made them a little bt less of a nuisance to others.

It’s just a thought….