Domain tunnel, Melbourne


Trucks, especially the huge multi-trailer semi’s that drive long distances between our major cities. You have to ask yourself why they are there at all. After all, there are rail links, some of the electric, that could do the job tomorrow. Any late night drive on the inter-capital city highways shows just how many trucks there are on the road.

On a recent trip, we found that we were in a line of 6 trucks on a narrow 2 lane section of highway. When the road opened into 4 lanes, you guessed it, the trucks tried overtaking each other. The line of cars behind was left where they were when the road narrowed again.

Stories of car and trucks colliding can be found sprinkled through news archives all over the world, and the cars never come off best.

On a story on A Current Affair here in Australia a few years ago, the reporter was doing a story on speeding truckers and how dangerous they were. It by chance they happened to have a camera car being followed by a speeding truck in an inner city tunnel. Watch what happens when a car and the truck try to change in to the middle lane.

They don’t belong on highways, but they certainly don’t belong in the inner cities. Long distance should be rail only to large depots outside city limits then smaller non-articulated trucks doing the rest.