Whose monumentally stupid idea was it to allow cara-bloody-buggery-vans on the road. When I go on holidays, I don’t inflict it on everyone else one the road. I don’t do 90 in a 100 zone or 80 on 100kph single lane roads do I? No!

I have never been able to understand the allure of towing a few tonnes of ironmongery behind a wheezing V8 diesel Land Cruiser, or an ancient Rangie. On my recent trip I saw some idiot towing a van the size of Tasmania with a Toyota Rav 4. I can’t tell you how awful it was to drive behind him for 25k’s because there wasn’t a passing lane to be had. I’ll no doubt cover road works later on, but the RTA thought it was a marvellous idea to do 5 consecutive lots of road works on the passing lanes. 5!!!! Can you believe the stupidity? By the time the dual lane road started, the line stretched back for several graceful kilometres. There was one very unhappy truckie who gave the grey nomads a terrible scare when he passed within centimetres of the slightly unstable van. He went passed so fast that the caravan was left rocking side to side like in a bugs bunny cartoon.

Of course this was a patently unsafe thing to do, but the selfish pensioners drove for many moons without a care for anyone else one the road. Does this sound intolerant? Yes? Well that’s just a bit tough isn’t it? We passed several hopeful fixed speed cameras. With not a flash to be had beyond the headlights of cars being driven by irate travellers, our speeds varied between 10 and 30 kph below the limit.

These inconsiderate menaces should be run out of town forthwith!