Can someone explain why we have tolls? We pay to build and keep the roads in good condition, then we have to pay if we want to use the good ones. And, at least here in Sydney’s peak hours, it take a similar, if not longer, amount of time to the non-toll roads for the same journey.

It’s what we commonly call “A Cheek”. If we add all the taxes we pay including income tax, it is a ludicrous amount of our income goes back to governments world wide so the pollies can take nice holidays and drive better cars than we do. It just doesn’t seem right does it.

To add insult to injury, some countries have “hot lanes” where the wealthy can pay a higher toll and use bus lanes. It was mooted for Sydney’s Harbour Bridge but the very next day there were howls from all and sundry and the idea was dropped like a hot potato. It seems the sweaty masses were not that keen for the fat cats to get priority on the roads. Unhappy peasants have caused all sorts of bother over the centuries. It’s always when they feel the big-knobs abuse their position. There is no harm in being rich, but the great unwashed get very uppity when the haves lord it over the have nots. The French court was dragged from their palace and beheaded a year later when the starving peasants were told to eat cake if they had no bread.

I’m not saying the government should be taken out and beheaded, that might be considered overkill. Perhaps instead they had to manage on the base wage and be forced to pay their own tolls instead of us paying for them. I’m fairly confident we would see change faster than a fat kid on candy.

Why stop at tolls? Maybe instead of wars, we get the leaders of the countries involved, put them in a room, and let them  duke it out until only one is left. It seems as fair as sending ordinary good men and women to their deaths. It’s just a thought….

In the meanwhile, DOWN WITH TOLL ROADS!