Don’t you just hate it when someone changes lanes on you without looking?

You’re in front, or behind, but either way over they come. Is she drying her nails? Is he texting? Or worse still it’s a P plater who has just passed the test and so green that experience is a word they can’t even spell. I’ve always thought it odd that the seniors set are the ones who seem to drive down carpark stairwells, and into shop fronts, and change lanes without indicating. On that subject, there was a Queensland study revealing the oldies aren’t quite as good as they think they are.

One news report recently quoted a senior as saying “I drove into the shopping centre stairwell because I the cruise control came on”. Someone would have told him that it only activates above 50PKH, so I guess he must have been really hauling ass to get to the shops before they close!

The oldie who changed lanes into my car said :I didn’t see you there”. I suggested if he has turned even a little bit he’d have seen that I was almost completely passed him. Let’s face it, we all have little lapses, but it’s those lapses that have P platers dying at a horrific rate of knots.

But I digress, people changing lanes and not paying attention causes accidents, or should I say, on-purposes. I hate it when people change lanes without indicating!