You’re heading on your road trip and whether you’re solo, 2-up, or more, there are things you can’t leave home without. Here is our Top 13 list

1 Fast charger:

There are a bunch of fast charging options. Sure, you can keep your phone on the Qi charger if you have one, but you might want to pump the power into a camera for example. Either way, we found this one on Amazon: SCOSCHE CPDCA38 PowerVolt 38W

Many people don’t know that car USB will take ages, so amp up your holiday fun. Get 2, make a day of it!

NOTE- Make sure you take several cables in case, in an emergency, you can’t find USB-3 and have to use USB-C

2 Pillows:

A couple of comfy pillows will make unscheduled pit stops less taxing. Leaving drool on the window makes you look very unattractive. Ikea has reasonably priced feather pillows for that deluxe experience.

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