Double Demerit weekends are tough on stressed drivers trying to do the right thing. “It weren’t me wot dun it guv’na,” just doesn’t wash, no matter how cute you are.

Here are some tips to help your trip home, in no particular order:

1: Leave Driver Aids turned on

2: Take plenty of stops

3: Stay relaxed (try a play list with differing music tempos and types)

4: if you’re tired, don’t try to battle on

5: Leave Safety Aids turned on

6: Take water and snacks

7: Be sure to have some emergency cash on you

8: Keep your phone charged

9: Car check prior to trip – tyres, fluids, fuel, spare or repair kit

10: Roadside assistance is a must

It sounds obvious, but readers tell us these are the reasons they’ve had strife out on the open road. Let me paint a picture: Imagine it, midnight, you run out of fuel, and the truck stop is closed, or worse, it is open but the credit card machines are down.

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