SLS roadster mercedes banz

Yes of course there is. Like any sales situation car yards, especially a dealer with multiple sites, does a reconciliation at the end of the month. This is how they pay the salesmen. If you go in at the end of their cycle, usually the end of the month, you’ll find they are very keen to do a deal.

Recently a friend went in at the end of the month and got a massive 10k off the price. Even bigger savings can be had at the end of the financial year. There’ll be advertising all over the place because they are trying to get rid of stock rather than count it.

Most of you will be thinking “whacky-do, discount!”, but keep squeezing because there may well be more to be had. Remember what I’ve said in the past about mats and other extras. There’ll be sweeteners to be had if only you ask for them and as always, be prepared to walk away. Shop around even when there is heavy discounting. Another friend even got the next model up for the price of the base car.

Be friendly but firm because your job is to spend as little as you can and the salesman are paid to make you spend as much as possible, but at the end of the day you both want the same thing, a shiny new car in your name!