You selected a few cars and you want to make sure it’s the right choice. Chances are you’ll be living with this choice for 3 to 5 years at least.

If you have your ducks lined up, you’ll have cash or finance ready to roll. Tell the salesman this and say your are ready right now. Tell him that you won’t be signing anything until you’ve had a few hours, yes hours, to evaluate your possible purchase.

He’ll blow a foo foo valve but it is So worth the effort. You don’t want to buy a car and find your hubby hates it or it won’t fit in the garage. When we do reviews, we try to fit 2 carry-on sized bags in the boot. Would you believe some cars won’t fit that tiny amount of luggage? It’s criminal! How are you going to go away for a romantic weekends’ snog-a-thon if you can’t take your gear with you? You don’t want to find the boot is too small when it’s time to actually leave do you? Or worse still, you find you have no room for shoes on your next shopping trip!!!! Ye gads!

You want to know if there are annoying wind whistles just above your left earhole and does the rear parcel shelf rattle its stupid head off if Kylie plays at more than a faint whisper? I had a gorgeous convertible a few weeks ago. I loved it but when the roof was up, an annoying rattle developed somewhere down the back. Can you imagine putting up with that on a 1,000 sunday arvo drive? It would drive you completely potty.

So, take it for a drive even if the salesmen want to come with you. They won’t though, they have more people to sign up. Pick a nice day and give the air cond a workout as well.

Til next time campersSmile chin chin!

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