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If mummy says you can have something special, you come over all a quiver. In the flurry of test driving and talking turkey, the salesman has showed you a way you can get yourself into your shiny toy. You’ve signed you life away and before you know it you have the wind in your hair and a hole in your wallet.

1: set a budget

2: do your research

3: know what you want and go in hard.

4: Have your finance sorted before you start shopping, there is less pressure that way

5: Take a friend with you.

Set a Budget:   To avoid the horrible hopeless sinking feeling buying something you can’t afford brings, set a budget and stick to it. Don’t be talked into something by the flashy smile of the fast talking salesman. Remember your budget. Write it on the back of your hand if you have to! It’s going to keep you eye on the ball and avoids all sorts of strife by making sure you don’t get all caught up in the moment. Steer clear of all the bling and froth.


Do Your Research:   Get onto the interweb thingie and compare prices and offers for finance. Banks, like other businesses, have sales and special offers. Don’t be afraid to call in favours and to use your contacts. Mates Rates count when your hip pocket is at stake.


Know What You Want:   Without being too rigid, be sure of what you want. Having your ducks in a row give you leverage when your sitting across the table from a sweaty salesman who is trying to spin the last few deals out of the end of the month. You have done your research so you can speak with authority. Don’t be bamboozled by fancy high-flying footwork from staff who can smell ink on a contract from 50 paces. Stick to your guns!


Have Your Finance Sorted:   Shop on the phone or the internet. There is no pressure that way.


Take a Friend With You:   Take someone with a cool head not a big mouth. Make sure they know you limits and won’t let you get carried away with roof racks, matts, CD players and bags of other stuff you don’t need or want. Maybe if you don’t feel you can face the salesman yourself, your friend can do it better and he or she won’t have any emotion invested in the proceedings.


I’ve known people to buy cars unseen and un-tested. Madness! I’ve also known people to come away from negotiations looking like they’ve done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. Just don’t let yourself be intimidated and you’ll find everything is just tickety-boo.