2021 Toyota GR Sup GTS Review – What’s New?

Life without sports cars is like gin without tonic, Mona without Lisa, or Lock without Down. OK, forget the last one. Supra  is a Toyota with more front than Myer. It is sexy beyond belief, with handling that feels just a little bit dirty, and you aren’t sure why.

When Supra burst onto the scene after a rather annoying hiatus, it touched me in a way that was a little bit inappropriate. It took me an age to figure out why, but I think I’ve cracked it. Supra is barely contained rage, lurking under a cloak of silk.

What’s new?

Supra deserved more power, and now has it. The BMW/Toyota lovechild was treated to 35 more powers (285kw) and 500 torques. Bits of extra bracing were bolted on, because let’s face it, modders were going to do that anyway. Now, the rear wheels feel like they want to spin the rubber off the alloys, and all is well.

Forget the spec sheets and the numbers therein, for they matter not. Supra is all about the feel.

The body feels planted, yet light. The front panels are aluminium, and the rear hatch is fibre glass. That’s very “British 70’s kit car”, isn’t it? And there is a touch of home-built kit car about the way it drives too. Supra eschews the wonton excess of AWD hot-hatch-dom, yet allows the comfort of adaptive suspension to make the daily commute a little less like riding a BBQ down a cobbled lane.

Rear wheel drive brings ye-olde-worlde fun back to a spin in the countryside. And although there is a blower giving the 6-pot a buxom boost, there is a beautiful 60’s howl that only an in-line engine can manage.

It is a creature of many moods. One moment the luscious body wants to give you a lap dance, with the cabin paddling your bare cheeks. The next second, it is a refined gentleman i