11,000,000 Camrys have been sold since the model went on sale 23 years ago.

The car is not only all new, but demonstrates an all new ethos.

2017 Toyota Camry SX

There are 4 models: Ascent, Ascent Sport, SX, and the range topping SL. The latter two have a delightfully 70’s retro feel to the name.

The looks are helped by a new global platform allowing the bonnet to be lowered by 40mm and the roof by 25mm.

This allowed seats to be lowered by the same amount, which in turn has lowered the centre of gravity. Toyota claims improved handling as a result.

New engines, including a new Hybrid, have made big savings on the fuel bill too.

The new TNGA platform has a 50mm longer wheelbase. The body is 30% more rigid thanks to hot-stamped steel, laser screw welding, and increased use of body adhesive.

Some models have 19” wheels, and all cars get one of two LED lighting setups. All Camrys have Daytime Running Lights to increase daytime visibility.

Petrol engines “blip” on downshifting. This matches revs to a new gear avoiding that lurch forward as the lower gear kicks in. The engine is revving at a lightly higher spin as the gears engage.