Toyota Refreshes Hilux and Fortuna for 2020

What are the major updates to Hilux and Fortuna?

The 2.8L “halo” engine gets a power boost to 150kw/500Nm. In addition, the 6-speed automatic transmission has been tweaked. There is also a 2.4 diesel and 2.7L petrol engine. 2.8L has the most power and torque.

Hydraulic power steering gains electronic control. It allows for variable tuning, including a special mode for off-roading. They says hydraulic is best for off-roading. It allows the right amount of “feel”.

Suspension got a thorough going over. Previously, the ride was quite firm without a load on. Toyota claims ride is now as good with or without a load. We will be the judge of that.

The front end had been renewed with new bi-LED headlights. The grille, bumper and lower valance are more deeply carved. Some models get a cool new bashplate under the front end with TOYOTA emblazoned across it.

Upper Hilux models get LED taillights with a distinctive dual C shape.

The cabin gains subtle updates to trim. Audio systems now include a larger 8” touch screen with physical buttons for major functions, and JBL on posh models. Importantly, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto have finally made it into the country’s best-selling SUV. Hoorah!

Rogue gets a cool new power operated tray roller-cover. It secures gear within the tray without the need for additional locking tonneau cover.

Additionally the driver’s LCD now includes a digital speedo.

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