scott mclaughlin

Scott Mclaughlin and the Volvo V8 Supercar


A superb day at Homebush where the V8 Supercars series was being held.

Many thought Sydney Olympic Park would be an expensive white elephant, but no not a bit of it. Apart from fistfuls of concerts, football games and miscellaneous community events, the magnificent V8 Supercars. Saturday’s event was washed out in the dying moments by bad weather. Sydney has had 5 straight days of vicious afternoon and evening storms, but it failed to dampen the spirits in the Volvo room.

With 2 entries, the Volvos, are doing better than expected in their first season. Fresh-faced 21 year

year old Scott Mclaughlin has a bright future in front of him. We hope to have a word with him later

in the year so stay tuned. Meanwhile here are some highlights from the day


IMG_3324The Volvo Suite at V8 supercars Sydney Olympic Park GAYCARBOYS

ABOVE: Inside the Volvo V8 Supercars Suite above its garage and pitstop