The Electric Vehicle Council of Australia (EVC) has welcomed today’s announcement by the Victorian Government to support electric vehicle manufacturing jobs in the Latrobe Valley.


EVC CEO Behyad Jafari said today’s announcement demonstrates the potential for job creation and economic investment in the sector when government’s take action.

“As the world moves inexorably towards electric vehicles, the only question left for Australia is whether we want to be makers or takers in the future of the mobility sector.”

“The Victorian Government has displayed commendable leadership by investing in sustainable jobs that power the future of the automotive industry.”

SEA Electric, like so many members of our industry, are globally recognised leaders in their sector.”

“Our entrepreneurs are leading the world in the development of e-mobility technologies.”

“It’s time for all Australian governments to step up and support Australia’s potential in the electric vehicle industry.”

“The electric vehicle industry is eager to invest in Australia’s future, but like many new industries, it can’t flourish without the partnership of government.”

“What today’s announcement makes clear is that when governments do act, the industry is ready to invest in Australian businesses and jobs.”

“It’s my hope that today’s announcement is another step towards Australia developing a national policy that recognises the benefits and supports the development of our electric vehicle sector,” said Mr Jafari