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  • New Focus ST is Ford’s first global performance car; bringing a unique balance of  outstanding performance, handling, refinement and style to more than 40 countries around the world
  • Focus ST equipped with 2.0-litre 184 kW and 360 Nm turbocharged EcoBoost engine.
  • Expected fuel efficiency of 7.4 litres/100km* and CO2 emissions of 172g/km* are 20 per cent improved over the previous European Focus ST
  • New Focus ST’s muscular and aerodynamic design available in new signature colour Tangerine Scream
  • Recommended Manufacturer’s List Price# (MLP) for the new Focus ST is: $38,290

MELBOURNE, Australia, 01 Aug, 2012

The new Ford Focus ST is Ford’s first global performance car; delivering an outstanding package of performance, handling, refinement and style to more than 40 countries around the world, including Australia.

The new Focus ST goes on sale in Australia from October.

“Keen Australian drivers have a real love of the ‘hot hatch’ genre,” according to David Katic, General Marketing Manager, Ford Australia. “Focus XR5 and Focus RS were tremendously successful vehicles for Ford Australia and carved out a cult following.  The Focus ST not only continues this tradition of hot hatches from Ford, but takes it to a new level.”

Equipped with a 184 kW 2.0-litre turbocharged EcoBoost engine, the new Focus ST provides uncompromising performance complemented by enhanced dynamics and a comprehensive range of driver assistance features.

The frugal EcoBoost unit also means Focus ST is expected to return 7.4 litres/100 km* and deliver CO2 emissions of 172 g/km*; a 20 per cent improvement over the previous European Focus ST.

“This is the car that Ford enthusiasts across the world have been waiting for,” said Matthias Tonn, chief program engineer, Ford of Europe. “We’ve worked hard to make sure drivers will experience the true essence of what the ST badge means – wherever they are.”
The ST (Sport Technologies) badge was introduced first in Europe in 1997 and is reserved for sports-tuned variants of key Ford models. Customers have come to appreciate that cars carrying the unique Ford ST badge balance high performance with real-world practicality and refinement.

One Ford
The One Ford approach to delivering an all-new, global Ford Focus paved the way for the new Focus ST.

Ford’s Global Performance Vehicles group established the DNA of the ST as a key part of its global performance car strategy following close collaboration between Ford Team RS in Europe, and the Special Vehicles Team (SVT) in the United States. Ford engineers from the Asia-Pacific region also provided input to ensure all new ST models would please drivers in key Focus markets.

“It’s the same car everywhere, from the engine to the suspension to the styling – right down to the tyres,” said Dieter Schwarz, head of Team RS. “You will be able to drive an ST in Australia and it will be the same dynamic experience as driving one in Los Angeles, London or Rome.

“Our performance strategy now is based on the fact that performance fans globally want the same thing,” added Schwarz. “For the Focus ST, that means combining a rewarding driving experience with the ability to ride to work in comfort.”

Most powerful ST
New Focus ST is powered by a 184 kW version of Ford’s 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine that delivers the power of a larger displacement unit with the fuel efficiency of a smaller unit. It achieves this through a combination of high pressure direct injection, low-inertia turbocharging, and Twin-independent Variable Cam Timing (Ti-VCT), as well as redesigned intake and exhaust systems, and unique calibration.

This is expected to help return 7.4 l/100 km* and deliver CO2 emissions of 172 g/km*. The engine also offers strong torque levels in a broad, flat curve peaking at 360 Nm.

The Focus ST’s six-speed manual transmission produces maximum punch from each gear shift using specially-revised gearing. The sixth gear helps drivers achieve excellent fuel economy on longer runs.

Distinctive sound
The engine also emits a distinctive soundtrack, engineered to be appreciated regardless whether heard from inside or outside the car. For those in the car, a newly-enhanced sound symposer relays the engine sound directly from the intake into the cabin.
“This channels a really sporty note into the cabin,” Tonn said. “It leaves the driver in no doubt that this is a special car. The new Focus ST is improved over the previous European model in every department – and we had to ensure the sound was just as exciting for the driver too.”

The exhaust system, with unique twin hexagonal centre exhaust tailpipe, has also been tuned to deliver the right sound at the right time, refined at lower revs and a purposeful growl as the revs rise.

Dynamic ability
The new Sport Steering System variable ratio steering rack helps to reduce steering sensitivity when driving in a straight line and increase sensitivity when cornering. The steering wheel can be turned to almost full lock without the driver needing to remove either hand to change position; providing more control through tight corners and hairpins.

Torque steer is managed by the Electronic Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) system that is specially calibrated for the new Focus ST and detects and counters torque steer using a more aggressively pitched version of Ford’s Torque Steer Compensation (TSC).

The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) offers three distinct settings – drivers can turn DSC on for a tuned version of the system found throughout the Focus range; a reduced or wide-slip mode disables traction control and activates DSC only when absolutely necessary; and finally, DSC can be switched off altogether.

The Focus ST also features Torque Vectoring Control (TVC); this applies brake torque to the inner wheel through a corner to help reduce under steer. Cornering Under Steer Control (CUSC), applies torque to create yaw torque based on the vehicle’s under steer behavior prior to DSC, both in power-on and power-off conditions.
Sports suspension
The suspension setup of the new Focus ST complements the advanced driver assistance features and the specially-developed Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres fitted to Focus ST specific 18-inch alloy wheels. Cornering precision is enhanced by the introduction of uprated shock absorbers and springs, which lower the chassis by 10mm compared to other Focus models.

The rear suspension has also been revised with a number of new parts developed specially for the Focus ST. The uprated suspension knuckles and an all-new anti-roll bar design provide outstanding feedback and control.

Unique ST styling
The new Focus ST will be available in Australia as a five-door hatchback and adds a muscular presence to the kinetic design of the standard Focus. Tangerine Scream, the new signature colour, matches the Focus ST’s character. Spirit Blue, Race Red, Black, White and Silver are also available.

The Focus ST’s aggressive and aerodynamic design features a one-piece interpretation of Ford’s signature trapezoidal grille, bulging side skirts and dynamic rear bumper with prominent diffuser-style vents in the lower fascia. The roof spoiler helps to improve high-speed stability and reduce drag.

Stylishly sporty interior
The Focus ST features a specially-designed steering wheel, gearshift and pedals. The darker headlining and trim on the interior pillars, an integral part of the ST’s design DNA, adds to the performance driving feel.

Ford worked extensively with seat manufacturer Recaro to provide Focus ST customers with ultimate comfort and support.

Lowered partial leather seats offer exclusive premium features including length adjustment and cushion tilt. An all-new bench, made with special foam, makes sure there is no compromise for rear passenger comfort.
For Australia, Focus ST offers partial leather Recaro seats with cloth inserts matched to the exterior colour, dual zone climate control with cabin filter, Thatcham alarm, ST spoiler, automatic Bi-Xenon HID headlamps, auto-dimming rear view mirror and rain sensing wipers as standard.

myFord Capped Price Servicing
As with all Ford vehicles, Focus ST offers customers peace of mind with myFord Capped Price Servicing. MyFord Capped Price Servicing means Ford owners know the maximum price they will pay for a standard A or B logbook service, no matter which participating Ford dealer they use.

Recommended Manufacturer’s List Price# (MLP) for the new Focus ST is: $38,290.

*Figures obtained from controlled tests using ADR 81/02. Actual fuel consumption will depend on many factors including driving habits, prevailing conditions and the vehicles equipment, condition and use.

#This is the manufacturer’s list price for the vehicle only. A number of other components, including a dealer delivery fee, stamp duty, registration, compulsory third party (CTP) insurance and other statutory charges may be payable by a customer in relation to the purchase of this vehicle. As a manufacturer, Ford is not able to quantify the amount of these charges as they vary depending on a range of factors and individual circumstances, including the Ford Dealer the customer purchases the vehicle from, the State or Territory where that customer purchases the vehicle and the customer’s age, driving record and other personal factors. The final transaction price for the vehicle will be as negotiated by the customer with their chosen Ford Dealer.