Above: VW Arteon Launch Review – Tasmania

We drove the VW Arteon in and around Hobart, Tasmania. Some of these roads are among Australia’s best kept secrets.

They twist and turn through gorgeous rolling hills, past scenic waterfalls and dams, with long straight strips of heaven.

You simply can’t imagine how secure I felt knowing the car would pull over and stop if I lost consciousness. it often happens while I’m driving. No it doesn’t, but it does happen.

ThereĀ  is real autonomy and great care in the way the computers watch over the occupants.

Most of it happens in the background, but the driver is constantly updated on the vehicle’s status. And, as always, the driver is in charge. Nothing makes you feel safer than technology done well.

It is a thing of beauty too.

The front end commands attention.The rear is both stylish and tasteful, and the cabin is understated yet luxurious.

VW made so many bold statements that I found difficult to swallow, but it was me eating my words. Every promise was full filled.

Arteon is not the car for everyone. It is big, very big. But, it is quick, calm, and cozy. Boy racers will hate it, thankfully.

They’ll pull up at the lights, and sneer at you, and your tinny little 4-pot.

You’ll just give them a knowing nod as their ancient Bombadore disappears is a faint veil of dust. that is of course wsn’t already clouded in blue smoke from a set of moody injectors.

If you don’t believe us, watch this:

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