Volkswagen Australia has been awarded costs in its successful defence of a class action brought against it in the New South Wales Supreme Court

For many years, Takata airbags have been the subject if concern, after it was found the inflators used by many brands, were defective. In some cases, instead of a controlled expansion of the airbag, the entire unit exploded causing injury, and in some cases, death.

Takata has since ceased trading, and the global recall of Takata airbags that began in 2018 has now concluded in Australia, according to VW.

In June, the Court found that the lead plaintiff, Professor Phillip Dwyer, did not establish any link between the propensity of PSAN (phase-stabilised ammonium nitrate – the chemical used as a propellant in the relevant airbags supplied by Takata) to degrade so as to cause it to explode or malfunction in the inflators installed in Volkswagen vehicles.

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