UPDATE 2: VW advise you connect to bluetooth via the Steering wheel buttons NOT the add-on unit.




Update 1:- to our recent story on the Bluetooth out the Polo GTi:

vw POLO Bluetooth unit

We have now run the unit for about a month. As I am always want to say: If something annoys you on the test drive it’s going to be amplified the longer you own the car. In this case the bluetooth we didn’t like on day one has shown to be even more problematic than we first thought.

1: If you start the car with a phone/ipod connect via USB cable, the system hangs

2: Making a call from the iPhone will often make the system hang

3: incoming texts show up on the system as incoming calls

4: connecting a second phone (adding it to the list) very hit and miss

5: removing and replacing the unit each time the car is used is annoying

6: Voice dial far harder to use than the native iPhone system

7: Audio streaming sounds so bad as to be unusable

8: overly complex in operation. We wonder if most people will bother using it.

9: You’ll find yourself either not taking out of the glovebox, or not putting it in

In short, the system is very disappointing. It’s hard to use, unattractive and leaves an enormous hole in the dash should you ever want to change it. Given the audio system is the same as the Golf, not including a fully integrated Bluetooth unit can only be a financial decision. For an entry level car costing over 30K the very least you can expect is bluetooth as good as that in a 13K Korean shopping cart especially as VW have them available across their range.