In purely altruistic statement I’m sure, Volkswagen Group Australia Managing Director Paul Sansom has called on the building industry and government to “liberate Australians from traditional filling stations with home EV charging”.

There are two main fences over which EV buyers must hurdle, range, and price. Like the housing market, government attempts to entice buyers by providing incentives such as direct rebates and tax refunds, only serve to increase retailer profits and very little to reduce pricing.

Charging, on the other hand, is a different kettle of fish. Recent expansions of privately installed chargers have gone some little way to helping city dwellers, but much more is needed, especially “at home”.

In the keynote address at the Green Building Council’s TRANSFORM 22 summit in Sydney, Mr Sansom said that the automotive and the building industries “are becoming increasingly and permanently interdependent”.

“The greatest misconception around EVs in this country remains so-called ‘range anxiety’,” Mr Sansom said. “The opportunity – the necessity – exists to transform this perception to a reality of convenience and enablement.