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VW Australia temporarily dropped Arteon from their line-up. It is due to return in the near future.

We reviewed Arteon, and loved it.

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First-class cabin. The refined cabin in the Arteon features modern design—see the sophisticated air vent that extends across the entire width of the interior—and high-end materials, all to give the passengers a premium experience. Dash panels flow directly into the front door trim panels, wrapping around front passengers like a cocoon. Heated, 12-way power front seats are standard in the Arteon SE, and SEL models add Nappa leather seating surfaces and a memory setting for the driver. The top of range SEL Premium R-Line models upgrade to ventilated front seats, heated outboard rear seats, and—best of all—a massaging function for the driver.

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  1. Stay warm. Thanks to the innovative Rest function, the Arteon can keep its cabin warm—using residual heat from the engine—or ventilated—using the fan—even after the ignition is switched off. This function is automatically switched off after 30 minutes or if the 12-volt battery charge is low.
  1. Open sesame. SEL Premium R-Line models feature a power trunk with Easy Open and Close function. Drivers can simply walk up to the vehicle with their keys in a pocket or purse, and put a foot under the rear bumper to open the trunk lid. Two buttons offer options to close the trunk. The first closes the trunk immediately, the second will not close until you’ve walked away—allowing you to hit the button, pick up parcels and go.
  1. Pyrotechnics. Seriously. Every Arteon includes a reactive hood, designed to help reduce injury to pedestrians in the event of a collision. Should a collision with a pedestrian in front of the vehicle occur at speeds between 15-34 mph, the reactive hood on the Arteon can raise via its hinges using pyrotechnic technology, helping to reduce the severity of injuries. Triggering of the reactive hood is designed to help reduce head trauma by increasing the gap between the engine and the more flexible hood.
  2. Built-in valet. Arteon SEL Premium models offer Volkswagen’s Parking Steering Assistant (Park Assist). Below 25 mph, this system can automatically steer the car into parallel and perpendicular parking spaces (the latter both forward and in reverse). Just press the Park Assist button in the center console to activate the system and use the turn signal indicator to indicate which side of the road you would like to park. When the system detects a space, “Parking Space Found” will appear in the multifunction display, and, once a gear is selected, you only need to activate the accelerator pedal and brake, as Park Assist can automatically help steer the vehicle into the parking space.