This is one of my favourite cars, ever.

There are 3 models, Dynamic, SE Dynamic, and our range topping HSE Dynamic. We are driving the range tipping HSE Dynamic, with extras.

It doesn’t have Range Rover’s adjustable floaty air suspension, but it does have an adjustable roof. It folds completely away in just 18seconds, and looks like a Tonka Toy we used to play with as kids.

We’ve given it the once over before. Read about it HERE.

Outside, it gets huge matte graphite coloured 20” alloys, and includes heated washer jets, and a heated windscreen to keep the snow off, for an extra $5,890. There are dark finishes on the bonnet, exhaust, and head, and tail lights, that option pack costs an additional $1090.

The profile looks masculine.

The chucky body, muscular wheel arches, and stubby tail, work together to give an impression of a very cute topless Sherman Tank, with AWD of course.

The smart entry/start system folds the side mirrors. Just as well, as the Evoque is 2.085m wide. As the mirrors unfold, they project an outline of the Evoque onto the ground at your feet.

Your key can stay secreted about your person, and you lock by caressing a small indentation on the door handle. Gripping the handle unlocks the system for easy entry.