OK boys and girls, grab a bevy and put your feet up, EVs are a hot topic.

Even with grants from various governments, EVs still cost a bomb, so you want to make sure you get the right one for your needs. Let’s get rid of the BS fossil-fuel-loving-gronks persist with

1: Range

Range varies from 50km for plug-in hybrid models, to 550km for top Teslas. If you hunt around you may find new models released with similar claims. After a bunch of K’s under the belt, we can say that the manufacturers claims were universally overstated.

They’re measured against criteria that fall far short of real-world needs. Regardless, unless you’re the type who consistently does cross-country stints, range is plenty. Think about it: when you go clubbing, you Uber, right? When you go shopping, you rarely venture further than the city limits. Most folk travel no further than a mere 50km a day.

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