ABOVE: 2020 Subaru XV Hybrid Video Review

How Much Does a Subaru XV/Forester Hybrid Battery Cost?

We reviewed XV Hybrid this week, read about it HERE.

How long does the battery last?

The cost of replacement batteries is an often-asked question among hybrid and EV owners.

Battery efficiency can be monitored by drivers on the MFD display on top of the centre stack. It shows charging status, and which of the drive units is operating. Subaru’s 2.0L boxer petrol engine charges the battery as you drive.

XV/Forester hybrids drive for short periods in pure EV mode, using only the electric motor.

For this reason, the efficiency of the batteries is important. EV batteries, including those in hybrids, often get a second life as home power storage once they’re no longer required in cars. In fact, South Australia’s mega battery uses batteries once housed in Tesla cars.

Subaru has an 8 year/160,000km warranty on batteries. During this time, the battery pack will be replaced free of charge.

A Subaru Spokesperson said

“There are many checking criteria and conditions to determine the status of battery health, including a logic/algorithm to determine the battery status of health/capacity/condition. The battery will produce a diagnostic code when it is degraded to an unacceptable level. “

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Above: Subaru hybrid drivetrain

Above: Hybrid system monitor

We have reviewed XV many times. Here are those, and other Subaru stories:

What is the cost of replacement after the 8year/160,00 warranty?

Replacements currently cost $7,693.26.

It’s worth noting that by the time a Subaru hybrid needs a replacement battery, that cost will have come down, as it did with Tesla and Toyota.

Will battery status affect my resale value?

There is no evidence currently that battery status has had any affect on resale.

The battery cells are made up of individual batteries no bigger than those in laptops. Some battery packs can be renewed by replacing those individual battery cells. In that case, re-manufactured units may become available. The packs could then be fitted more cheaply.

Subaru batteries are housed under the floor of the cargo hold. The latest generation of Subaru “platform” can take EV, hybrid, or petrol drivetrains. The batteries use some of the space previously taken by the spare tyre.

Subaru hybrids do not have spare tyres.