Holiday Drives and the Australian Bushfire Crisis

Australia is experiencing a drought like no other. Climate change is here.

Not only have rivers dried up, but the lack of rain and baking temperatures have roasted the landscape to a point so overdone, that the merest hint of ignition lights the fires of hell. Fires are out of control in every state.

The current fire status CAN BE SEEN HERE at My Fire Watch.

What to do in case of fire.

  • Preparation is key.
  • Have a portable battery operated radio.
  • Be sure your car is fully fuelled.
  • Defer your holiday trip if you can.
  • Check fire status before you leave.
  • Do not drive through a fire.
  • Have a supply of food and fresh water at home.
  • Have an emergency medical kit handy at home and in the car.

It may be a good idea to fill a bath in case the water supply is interrupted.

If you must travel, take plenty of food and water with you just in case. You may also experience periods where phone service has been interrupted.

If you’re told to leave, leave early. Don’t delay, then panic and try to get to safety.

Keep in mind that there is smoke and radiant heat to consider, so if you are on the road, keep the vents and windows closed to outside air.