There is a full list of features and prices in the written review:

LEXUS’ new ES is one of the smoothest riding cars I’ve ever travelled in, bar none.

A big claim, but it‘s true. Not only that, it is unbelievably spacious, which can only really be appreciated from the back seat.

The new car is bigger than the old model and is crammed full of goodies. For a full list READ HERE.

ES 300h comes in Luxury and Sports Luxury. The range starts at $59,890 with a single drivetrain, a 2.5L Atkinson Cycle petrol engine paired with to an electric motor powered by revised batteries. The 4th generation unit is more power and more compact than before.

The 160kw unit propels the LEXUS to 100kph in 8.9 seconds. This might sound leisurely, but how fast does a comfortable lounge have to move to keep you happy? Better still, LEXUS says the new ES 300h drinks a mere 4.8L of premium fuel per 100km. Our real-life test returned a more than respectable 5.9L/100k of mainly city driving.

Equipment is impressive even in the base model.

ES 300h lacks Apple CarPlay/Android Auto in Australia yet has it in the USA.


The infotainment interface remains difficult to use once on the go and voice input for navigation is best.

Space in the back is phenomenal. 4 tall people are easily accommodated with space to spare. There is about 15cms between knees and the front seat adjusted for a taller driver. Layout has been thought through and instruments are efficiently laid out.

Much of the drive is automated or assisted, with active and passive safety features aplenty. Surprisingly parking assistance is limited to sensors and warning bells accompanied by graphics. LEXUS says its customers don’t want any kind of automated park assist.