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Why I like Hybrids

The much-maligned electric vehicle has been the subject of many a dinner table debate, but why?

Much of the information comes from an industry that depends on the status quo. You see, they dig up bits of old dinosaur for fuel tanks. Without it, their fossil fuel business model evaporates. The world has noticed the oceans full of plastic, another oil off-cut.

Importantly, as we’ve been forced to stay at home, our cities have quickly reverted to alp-like air quality, as if the humans had never existed. On the time clock, humans developed at a minute to midnight. The Earth was a round a long time before we dim-witted trogs ever set foot on the place. It will be around a long time after we are gone.

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Imagine a world powered by electrons.

Modern infrastructure has not yet caught up to the 21st century, so charge points are few and far between. The usual cry of, “but I can’t do a road trip in an EV,” usually signals the death knell to an argument.

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But, as pubs re-open, the socially distant, booze-fuelled debate will reignite.

What the gronks can’t grasp is that hybrid cars can go as far as the fuel tank will allow. Then, adding more old dinosaurs to the tank will allow the driver to quickly move on. Hybrids self-charge, no need to wait.

This means that those who aspire to cram their grubby offspring into the family hatch and drive a million miles, can still do that if they insist. We all know they probably won’t do that, thankfully.

Some hybrids never use the ICE engine to drive the wheels. These are known as range-extenders. They use the petrol or diesel ICE engine to recharge the battery. The electric motor drives the wheels.

Then, there are Mild Hybrids. These have a small battery bank and low powered electric motor. The fuel savings are less.

A full hybrid, like a Prius, allows the batteries to power the car on electricity alone. At high speeds it will coast, and recharge the battery, and at low speeds the EV mode kicks in. A canny driver will notice all sorts of combinations as the system kicks in and out of charge and drive modes.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Hybrids use vastly less fuel. (Toyota as low as 3L/100k)
  • Hybrids charge as you drive
  • Hybrid batteries usually outlast the car
  • Hybrid batteries often have a second life
  • Hybrid batteries can be recycled
  • Hybrid and EV cars do not emit more CO2 over their lifecycle than ICE cars
  • Hybrids are becoming cheaper
  • Hybrids offset your CO2 emissions
  • Hybrids can run in pure EV mode in some models
  • Hybrids allow you to be super-smug
  • Hybrids get tax breaks in some jurisdictions.
  • Hybrids can be used on a road trip
  • Hybrids drive just like any other car
  • Hybrids do not need to be plugged in to charge, even the ones that CAN plug in.

To that end, no stone will be left unturned over the next few months as we delve into the murky word

Of EV and hybrid cars.