2018 Mazda 2 GT Review

Mazda’s cutsiepie baby city-car, the Mazda2, comes in sedan and hatch. We drove the Sedan recently.

Both hatch and sedan share both trim levels, and engine/transmission specifications.


Great proportions make the sedan look bigger than it is.

Make no mistake, it is a city car through and through. Up front, the Kodo Design language sees a shield grille, and flowing lines in the headlight arrays.

A 2,560mm wheelbase, and 16” wheels sit well with an overall length of 4,060mm (hatch). Bottom grades get 15” wheels.

As always with these small city cars, the hatch seems better resolved than the sedan. The hatch looks rounded, and the character lines, or creases in the metalwork, look better placed.

However, the sedan remains a model in its own right, despite the hatch outselling it.

The rear pillar makes the spacious boot look chunky because of the amount of space between the top of the wheel arch, and the bottom of the pillar.