An increasing number of our reviews are of electric vehicles, with more coming to market each day.

Australia is now well behind other major economies in EV uptake, and here’s why: Our government.

While other countries have given EV owners tax breaks, Australians have missed out.

The conservative federal government has been trying to protect its donors who own or run mines and energy companies. There are many examples of this, not the least being the disgraceful scare campaign ahead of the last election. The LNP claimed that Labor was trying to take away tradie utes, and to ruin voter’s weekends away. But it didn’t stop there.

Labor’s carbon pricing scheme had drastically reduced Australia’s CO2 output, but one of the first acts of the new conservative government was to dismantle the scheme, dishonestly labelling it as a carbon tax. In the decade since, CO2 has exponentially increased.

The government anti-renewable crusade reached peak-stupid recently with the “gas-led covid recovery” plan. Despite South Australia’s battery storage being part of a word respected transition policy, the conservative parties have poured billions of dollars in to fossil fuels such as gas.