Zap-Map, the UK’s No.1 electric vehicle (EV) charging app, has today released the results of a new survey of EV drivers across the country. The results are strong evidence of a continuing shift in consumer attitudes towards electric vehicles. Not only do they show that those who plump for electric in the New Year won’t regret it, but they also suggest that EV drivers are increasingly confident about driving long distances.

Indeed, the Zap-Map poll has revealed that more than 90% of drivers are extremely happy with their EV and would not want to replace it with a petrol or diesel car. The data highlights the positive impact of EVs on drivers who have benefited from a great driving experience, low running costs and low emissions. Less than 1% wanted a return to a petrol or diesel vehicle.

Tellingly, the results are remarkably similar to those of last year’s Zap-Map survey, indicating that this year’s influx of new EV drivers are as pleased with their decision to make the switch to electric as their 2020 counterparts. Many of the respondents to the survey were indeed first-time EV drivers. More than 48% of respondents said that their current vehicle was their first EV, with 28% making the purchase in 2020.

In parallel, driver satisfaction was notably higher for both battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, with EV drivers reporting a satisfaction score of 91 out of 100 (battery-electric 92, plug-in hybrid 84), compared with only 74 for petrol or diesel vehicle ownership.

This year, for the first time, drivers were also asked about the furthest distance they have travelled in an EV in a single journey.

The majority of the respondents (53%) said they have driven more than 200 miles in their EV in a single trip. The figure shows that drivers are habitually using their EVs on longer trips, and should put to bed concerns over the range of EVs, at least for the average driver, given that the average car journey in the UK was just 8.4 miles in 2019