About Gay Car Boys – LGBT Car & Lifestyle Reviews

Gay Car Boys is the worlds premier LGBT car review site. Created specifically for the gay and gay-friendly community, gay car boys offers expert advice by providing in-depth car reviews & road tests in written and video format.

We look at cars that little bit differently, providing practical information to help you make the right car buying choice.

Car and motoring review sites are many and the facts are pretty much the same. The LGBT community have different needs from cars. Gay Car Boys is the only site tailored to the LGBT community. If you are looking for entertaining and engaging car and lifestyle reviews that have flair look no further.

The car reviews and video reviews on gay carboys are less about the cars and more about the gay lifestyle. We have a vibrant rainbow of gay and gay friendly members globally that want to meet and engage in discussions about cars and gay lifestyle.

We name the car companies who have GAY-friendly employee policies to help you choose who to spend your hard earned pink dollar with.

PS: If you are offended by gay folk then feel free to move on. We will have a fabulous time without you.