10: Also comes as a hatch:

Who doesn’t like choice?

Mazda 3 comes in 2 body styles. For those who like a bit of extra rear access, and easy-access hatch is for you. If you prefer some junk in your trunk, get suited and booted with a sexy sedan.

9: You now get CarPlay:

Mazda3 is whisper quiet, whether you’re booted and spurred, or hung up on hatches.

Its built into the DNA with quiet tyres, and quiet innovation built into the metalwork. Snapps to Mazda.

8: Easy to Drive:

There is nothing new to learn. For models with smart key entry, the key stays in your bag. You enter by gripping the handle, no need to unlock. You start by pressing the button. Hoorah!

Steering is light, and brakes stop you without pushing your face with the windscreen. Best of all, the ride is smooth. It drives like a big chic limo.

7: It has a proper automatic:

Yes ladies and germs, none of that nasty CVT stuff here. The best you can do with a CVT is learn to live with it. That’s why Mazda stuck with its tried and true 6 speed Skymatic, or whatever it’s called.

Sure a couple of extra cogs would be nice, but the driver would never know how many gears it has, nor will they care.

6: 5 Year warranty:

OK, they’re late to the party, but sometimes getting properly dressed takes longer. You now get a warranty buyers expect.

5: You’re the popular kid in class:

It has been a horrific  year for car makers. Sales were down 10.1% last month. Ouch!

Mazda3 is the 3rd top selling passenger car behind Corolla and i30. In fact, those 3 are the only passenger cars in the top ten.

4: delicious interior:

Even the common or garden variety base model feel like a palace.

Mazda3 has the latest interior with a brilliant LCD screen for the infotainment system. Seats have been crafted with OCD attention to the human form.

3: LED lighting throughout:

LED have been used with gay abandon. They’re strewn about car, inside and out.

Not only do thy save power, but you won’t be fumbling about in the dark every 5 minutes. You’re unlikely to need a bulb change for the life of the car. Spare parts makers are bereft!

2: Good looks:

Few cars look good as both a hatch and a sedan.

In fact, when a hatch is released first, you can bet the sedan is going to have a face only a mother could love.

Mazda3 looks smashing in sedan form.

1: Safety, safety, safety:

Mazda made Mazda3 safe with all models getting cool stuff like HUDs. They also get active steering and radar cruise control. The active steering keeps you centred in the lane, and gets cranky if you force it to change lanes with sticking the blinker on.

See our launch video for more detail