Honda’s sexy sedan looks brilliant.

We drove the hatch version a few weeks ago. Here is the video and here is the review

The sedan is the best looking of the range, don’t you think?

The front of the car is shared between the two. The B pillar back is where the cnages happen. The sedan has a slightly longer rear to accommodate the boot, with similarly shapely LED tail lights.

We’ve covered the Civic thoroughly, so I’d like to concentrate on how the sedan drives, and the tech inclusions in this review.

First, the ample tech.

For a decade, Honda fell behind the market. First, the GFC, the tsunami in Japan, and floods in Thailand, all but crippled production and development. It stripped Honda of cash for research.

It could have been enough to cripple the Japanese auto maker, instead, Honda pressed on.

Brand loyalty, and continued quality manufacture, played a big part in the being able to weather the storm.

The current models fairly bristle with tech which is simple to use, and has Japanese rel