Honda’s next gen CRV builds on a considerable reputation for quality and value.

A buyer once told me that he wasn’t looking at a Honda because it didn’t have enough tech.

That might have once been true, but certainly is not the case now.

The new models are crammed full of electronic goodies. Not only that but the quality of the interiors has improved out of sight.

The new car is bigger on the outside than the old model.

It also makes better use of interior space. The cabin incredibly spacious, and has grown in all directions, and has tons of added tech.

There is a single engine/transmission across a 5-grade range. There is 2WD or AWD, and 5 or 7 seats. This is the first time the CRV has been offered with 7 seats.

The new car has more power and better fuel economy.

The 1.5L Turbo does a decent 140kw at 5,600 rpm, but it is the torque of 240Nm at 2,000 RPM that is somewhat astounding. They’ve managed this by sticking a bigger (single) turbo on the 4 cylinder used in the Civic.

That would normally make you feel like you were driving the slap-you-in-the-back-of-the-head 80’s hot hatch. The power would come on one big whack, and catch the newbies off-guard. Not in this case. The delivery is incredibly smooth and linear

Although late to the turbo party, Honda does a fabulous engine.

Their engineers reduced blades from 11 to 9 so the turbine spools up faster, and more smoothly.

The turbo is boost set to 18.5 PSI max, and the engine will sip the cheap and cheerful 91RON juice.

The grades are: VTi 2wd, VTiS 2wd, VTiS AWD, VTiL 2WD, and VTi-LX AWD. Is that not the daftest nomenclature system you’ve ever heard? Talk about complicating something that should be easy?