The much-hyped big Kia has finally shown its full fury in a mad track day near Canberra.

Kia bravely put Australian media behind the wheel at Wakefield Raceway near Goulburn in central NSW.

The course has challenging switchbacks and tempting straight-aways, and is far more punishing than anything regular motoring will ever be.

MY18 Kia Stinger GT.

It performed beyond expectation, remembering this is a road-going GT car.

Yes, that’s right, a GT car from Korea. Don’t be surprised if you see a few more surprises in the coming years.

Stinger squirmed pleasingly under extreme braking, but steered exactly where it was meant to go. It begged for mercy, and was shown none of it. It was thrown one way, then the other, with tyres specially selected for track work.

With traction control is left on, only the most ill-advised maneuvers looked like unseating the rear-wheel-drive flagship.

The only time dust flew, was with traction turned off.

But like fight club, we don’t talk about trackwork. And, no, it was not I who turned off the traction control. I’m not an idiot.

First, a few facts: