It’s funny to review a car like the 2018 Toyota 86 GT and talk about how the sports car offering is value for money.

But, the Toyota 86 is actually one of the best-value buys on the Australian car market.

I’ve driven cars from Ferrari and Lamborghini and I always feel like Toyota’s sporty coupe delivers a lot of the same fun and feel, but at roughly 5% of the cost!

The Toyota has a similar go-kart feel as the big boys, it sits down low on the road, has quite an upright steering wheel, and a sporty driving position.


It’s more than five year since the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ was first revealed and still today it’s a good looking car.

The long bonnet, stubby tail, long coupe doors, and low roof-line give you the true sports car look.

The Toyota 86 that I had to review was also fitted with the new optional ‘Performance Pack’ and this brings the attractive 10-spoke 17” alloy wheels.

toyota 86 interiorInterior

The Toyota 86 cabin has changed just a little over the years, mostly around the infotainment system, some of the controls and the steering wheel.

Interestingly, the 2018 version comes with a steering wheel that doesn’t have any buttons or controls – this is at odds with the industries recent attraction to jamming as many controls and switches onto the wheel.

Legroom up front is adequate, but the two rear seats provide little more space than for occasional use.

I had two adults in the rear of my test car for a short jaunt and it was not a pleasant experience for front or rear seat passengers.

The Toyota 86 is certainly more suited to just two adults on a weekend away – my partner and I didn’t quite get the weekend away but we did have a pleasant day testing the car in the Southern Highlands.

Access to the rear seat would also be easier if the front seats were fitted with an upper control lever to slide and tilt the seats forward, rather than just at the bottom.

The front seats in the Toyota sports coupe are very sporty and that means the bolsters on the seat base can be a little uncomfortable, though if you have a svelte figure you might fit in a little better than the average size Australian.

A lack of a centre console arm-rest also brings comfort levels down on longer drives.

Cabin storage areas are reasonably sized, wh