8 12, 2019

Nissan GT-R50 The First Customer Model

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The first customer model of the Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign will go on display at the Geneva Motor Show* in March, before deliveries of the limited-edition car begin in late 2020. Before then, fans can see the prototype model in locations throughout Japan, including at the 2019 NISMO Festival this Sunday. Help Support Gay Car [...]

23 07, 2019

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

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2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is the fastest, most powerful entry Corvette The first-ever production mid-engine Corvette revolutionises the iconic vehicle, and the customer experience will be equally transformative. Starting today, interested 2020 Corvette Stingray shoppers will have access to unprecedented levels of information, as well as the ability to customise, visualise and pre-order their vehicle on Chevrolet.com or through [...]

15 11, 2018

2018 McLaren 540C Video Review

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McLaren 540C road tested and rated I don’t like most super cars. There, I’ve said it. I find most of them crass and tasteless. Their hideous lines, ludicrous price, and horrendous reliability appeal to a conspicuous consumer interested only in consumption for the sake of it. Then something comes along that is pure expression; that of beauty, of speed, [...]

29 10, 2018

I drive McLaren’s 540C and rate it

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2018 McLaren 540C drive, Road Test, Review, and rating. Introduction Subtle, discrete, quiet, said no-one ever about McLaren’s 540C. It is lithe, nimble, quick, and light, but above all, fabulous. I could go on and on about the looks and feel, but there is absolutely nothing that will prepare you for the assault on the senses once the engine [...]

1 08, 2017

2017 Tesla Model S P100D video review

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David and Alan drive the Tesla and here's what they think. https://youtu.be/Kqnzy-DdMsk

14 11, 2015

Holden VFII SSV Redline: Fast and Furious

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We bathed in the awesomeness of a V8 Holden on many occasions. The MY16 range features the brilliant LS3 engine from the Corvette. The 304kw/570Nm V8 does around 4.9 to 100kph which isn’t bad for a sedan that can take 5 blokes in style. The LS3 badge on the grille and the louvered bonnet is the giveaway to the VFII [...]

23 04, 2015

Lexus RC-F: Sounds like Thunder, Goes Like A Rocket

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Yes Yes Yes oh YES: 351kw V8, sexy exterior, loaded with gadgets Oh dear me no: complex infotainment menu, foot parking brake, no self parking option Lexus is one of those hugely underrated auto makers. They are technically very good and are very well equipped. However, some have had some models who were, shall we say, aesthetically challenged. They were [...]

6 02, 2015

Lexus unleashes its delectable RC-F as safety car for V8 Super Cars

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    Press Release:   LEXUS ROARS INTO V8 SUPERCARS WITH RC F SAFETY CAR The Lexus high powered performance RC F coupe will feature as V8 Supercars' official Safety Car in 2015 as part of a new partnership between the Japanese luxury marque and V8 Supercars, Australia's premier motorsport series. A Lexus GS 350 F Sport and an IS [...]

7 12, 2014

V8 Supercars as seen from the Volvo Teams Suite at the Pits with Scott Mclaughlin at the wheel

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Scott Mclaughlin and the Volvo V8 Supercar   A superb day at Homebush where the V8 Supercars series was being held. Many thought Sydney Olympic Park would be an expensive white elephant, but no not a bit of it. Apart from fistfuls of concerts, football games and miscellaneous community events, the magnificent V8 Supercars. Saturday’s event was washed out in [...]