5 08, 2020

AAA Adds 55 VW E-Golf for Hire

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AAA Car Subscription now offers 55 Volkswagen e-Golf electric vehicles available for short-term subscription in the Sacramento area as part of Electrify America’s Green City initiative. The program is another facet of Electrify America’s commitment to advance an electric mobility lifestyle for residents in California’s capital region and introduces a new alternative to traditional car ownership. Through AAA Car Subscription electric vehicle (EV) service, members can now get a 2018 Volkswagen e-Golf with insurance, repairs, maintenance and emergency roadside assistance all for one monthly subscription fee.

29 07, 2020

VW Shows the 5 Coolest Things about Their Arteon Uber Cruiser

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VW Australia temporarily dropped Arteon from their line-up. It is due to return in the near future. We reviewed Arteon, and loved it. Here are the 5 coolest things about VW Arteon.

25 07, 2020

Has Covid Hastened EV Uptake? Yes Says VW

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As much as people talk about “the new normal” of a pandemic, what such a state looks like exactly changes almost minute by minute. For automakers like Volkswagen, that can mean weighing a host of short and long-term factors, from helping customers who’ve suffered job losses to planning for an electric future.

20 07, 2020

Tesco and VW EV Charging

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The UK’s largest free retail charging network for electric vehicles has so far given away enough renewable energy to power the homes of almost 130,000 people. Volkswagen, Tesco and Pod Point teamed up to provide the largest free retail charging network for electric vehicle (EV) owners across the UK.

10 07, 2020

VW Donates to Australian Bushfire Recovery

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Following the devastating bush fires at the beginning of the year, Volkswagen is now donating one million Australian dollars (about 617,000 euros) to "Bush Heritage Australia" for bush fire and reforestation projects in Australia. The "One Million Trees Project" in the Eurardy Nature Reserve in Western Australia will receive 250,000 dollars and a project to restore 400 hectares in the Scottsdale Reserve in New South Wales will receive 750,000 dollars.

10 07, 2020

Mark Walker: How to Build a Patina Volkswagen

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The explosion of Patina Volkswagens on social media has inspired those car fanatics, who realise that you don’t have to restore a car to end up with a good-looking ride. At last, you can stand out from the crowd, even on a tight budget. The look of the cars that result from patina builds is honest, unspoiled, and characterful; it has also inspired the media, movie stars and celebrities.

29 06, 2020

VW Zwickau Car Factory Now Produces EVs Only

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The last model with a combustion engine left the assembly line today at the Zwickau car factory. The seventh generation Golf R Estate1 with 2.0-litre petrol engine in Oryx White Pearl Effect was produced for a customer in Germany. From today on, only electric models of Volkswagen and in future also of the sister brands Audi and Seat will be produced in Zwickau. The leap into the modern automobile age has been a long one: since 1904, cars with combustion engines have been built in Zwickau - initially for many years, including Horch models,