Holden Volt (1)

`Hey Hey Hey guess what? The shiny Volt we collected yesterday from Holden’s top secret Sydney bunker (at Arncliff on the Prince’s Hwy just south of Kingsford Smith Airport)) has now gone through several charges with still not a sniff of petrol having passed its lips.

I’ve gotten very used to the whisper quiet acceleration and the charging which I thought was really going to get on my goat, well, that’s almost becoming a badge oh honour. Having and individual garage thought would mean you could have a second charging station right there. All you’d need to do is plug it in without having to schlep to the boot to get the unit out each time. The unit is now hung on a coat hanger so as not the stress the cord. I keep forgetting to set the charging to MAX before I plug the unit in. How daft is it that unless you say otherwise it was only charge at 6 amps instead of 10?

I haven’t found the off button for the air cond so have to resort to turning the fan right down which eventually turns off the air. The whole centre console is chock-a-block full of touch sense buttons. Can’t you just see that going wrong after a few Aussie summers?

It feels beautifully solid on the road but that’ could be the fact that it weighs a hefty 1700kgs. She probably has 300kgs of battery on board.

It doesn’t get as many looks as I thought it would. The selfish peasants belching out fumes for the rest of us to breathe in simply have zero taste.

I noticed the back seats are snug. There only two spots and whoever sits in them is going to need short legs or at the very least be able to detach them.

I found a thing that sounds like someone is gently squeezing a groundhog between to small bricks. Can we assume it’s the silly pedestrian warning tone? I’d just blow the horn and make the buggers jump.

So far so good and still we have only run on battery power. I will say the 80k range is a tad optimistic especially above 60 kph.