VW T6 Multivan Black Edition Overview

Besmirch it not! Multivan Black Edition is more than a hollow promise, it is the new Kombi. There, I’ve said it.

In fact, Multivan is the Kombi for the new millennium. VW could have actually called it a Kombi, but were afraid that men would come, with torches and pitchforks.

Multivan isn’t as cool as the 60’s icon, but classic cars will break your heart, and your wallet. Multivan won’t.

Only 230 Black Edition models can be had for $64,990, but only to the end of this month. That makes it sound exclusive, right?

What’s it look like?

Multivan has many different faces, many different moods, and almost as many names.

T6, Transporter, Transporter 6, and Multivan are just some of the names this multi-purpose van is known as.

It can be fitted out as a bus, delivery van, or camper. Some overseas models even have a rear section that slides out onto legs. Best of all, you can still use the rear hatch. It gives the already capacious interior space for a small dance hall.

The front end has an dizzying array of LED headlights, DTRLs and fog lights. These include nifty static turning lights that activate with the steering wheel. It is sort of a poor-man’s swivelling headlight. It does a decent job of lighting around corners.

It’s hard to get a bus too look stylish, and most of us wouldn’t be seen dead in one. Panic not, Multivan has that same cool look that 60’s surfers would love, and who doesn’t love a surfer. It was fabulously camp then, and it is even camper now. Black decals say “Black Edition” loud and proud. It matches the cool black 18” Springfield alloy wheels.

There is a plethora poignant paints (Cherry Red, Candy White and the $1720 metallics Acapulco Blue, Tumeric Yellow, Reflex Silver and Indium Grey) but white with black is as smooth as a Bublé ballad. it has the tuxedo-at-a-fancy-dinner effect.

Access via 2 sliding electric doors is controlled from the handles or key fob. Leave the fob in your pocket where it belongs, and just use the handles.

That’s handy for those who’ve had a big night out. The doors have opening sections in place of wind-down windows. The power-operated rear tailgate is huge and also works from the fob.

Multivan is set fairly high, like an SUV. It allows taller drivers to slide in, Audrey Hepburn style.

Black highlights continue on the side mirrors, and along the rear tailgate. It turns a utilitarian van into an object of desire. OK, perhaps not desire, but certainly cool.

Somehow, VW has managed to make the Black Edition look suave, and I like it, a lot. It is the van James Bond would drive. Oh come on! That was worth a giggle surely.

Is the cabin tasty, or terrible?

The cabin is airy, and tasful.

The front seats have an SUV feel about them.

You sit high on the Black Edition’s special fabric coverings. There is a hint of wet-suit about it. If only getting a summer body was as easy as sliding onto a seat covered in wet suit.

They are power operated with 3 memory positions, and includes a lumbar function for folk with dodgy backs

Driver instruments feel a little old-school. There is a smallish multi-function LCD screen, but I’d like to have seen VW’s stupendous full LCD display.

The infotainment system is the older generation VW system too. It comes with Apple Carplay/Android Auto, but no DAB. That is fairly appalling for a German maker that prides itself on being cutting-edge. You have Navigation, but can use your phone maps if you prefer.

All other controls are standard VW, such as steering wheel and centre console settings. You’ll be able to move from your Golf into a T6 without needing big hugs after a nervous breakdown.

The centre stack itself is high set, and slightly weird.

Like most buses, there is no centre console as such. The centre stack starts at the floor, and tapers up to the dashboard. It holds the gear shifter and a cup holder/trinket tray. The dash looks neat and tidy, with controls placed with German efficiency

The front passengers get a comfy carpeted floor, but the rear has a timber-look maple finish. Easy to clean, but not terribly nice under foot.

Although the cabin is comfortable, I think I’d like a tasteful rug on the floor for a longer trip. The hard floor might be practical, and it certainly looks classy, but it lacks warmth.

2nd row seats are Captain’s Seats and can swivel to face the rear bench. Leg room might be a bit tight though. We tried it and our knees kept meeting in a most undignified way. Perhaps that was the intention. Those who prefer Apps might find the personal contact a touch disquieting.

There’s an optional table that, with the right accessories, can turn your humble van into a blissful bistro, sans kitchen.

Seating can be moved about as needed. If you were inclined, you could sleep in it as is. I wouldn’t, but you could.

You can get nifty accessories like a fridge, but like most 7 seaters, you’ll probably be doing nothing more taxing than shuffling drunk mates from boozer to boozer. The boot is smallish considering the size of the van, but still plenty of room for boxing day shopping.

The rear bench subtle under-seat bins, and there is enough room in the aforementioned boot for several large cases, of wine. All seats have a smart piping detail that gives the cabin an extra lift.

You can opt for a roof box, if you don’t mind you fuel figures being terribly taxed.

Like most people movers, Multivan has air vents for all rows. Climate control does a great job of keeping things just so. There is nothing worse than sweating like Jagger.

One last word on the captains chairs in the 2nd row: they’re fun, even if just for the novelty value of dual armrests and the ability to turn 180°.

There is quite a lot of hard plastic, but the overall impression is one of space, and class. Most importantly, access to all seats is fairly easy because the sliding doors are so big. Multivan is a proper 7 seater.

How is the cabin technology?

There is enough tech to keep you happy, but there are some notable omissions.

Driving a T6 would be a nightmare without the high quality reversing camera. The display shows the picture overlaid with data from the front and rear sensors. Front seats can have tablet holders mounted on the back side for bored 2nd row peeps.

Top Multivans get more standard gear, but the highline costs an eye-watering $96,000. That makes the 63 grand Black Edition look like a bargain. I’d spend the 32k savings on a month in Hawaii instead.

The really cool stuff like AWD, adaptive chassis control, sunroof etc, can only be had in other trim levels.

The bistro table costs an extra $450, and child booster seats are $1020.

Is there enough power for such a big vehicle?

Transport, AKA T6 Multivan, drives like a bus, albeit a fun one.

Despite that, the 2.0L diesel still has enough poke to get the van along at a cracking pace. Fuel figures of 7.7L/100k is mighty impressive.

103kw might sound modest, but 340Nm of torque has the grunt to move a fully loaded Black Edition with little effort. When you push the espadrille all the way to the floor, the diesel get a but raucous, but is otherwise fairly quiet.

Road noise can be intrusive. I put that down to the hard floor covering in the rear.

VW’s 7 speed DCT (dual clutch transmission) takes all the effort out of driving. You can sit back and relax.

What’s Multivan Black Edition like to drive?

The driving position is slightly odd at first. You sit very high, with your feet above the peddles like that bloke who used to drive you to school. After a very short while, you start to smile.

Ride is good most of the time. It is comfortable around town and would no doubt benefit from a full load.

Acceleration is more than acceptable, and cornering best described as leisurely. Multivan isn’t a cornering at warp 10 kind of car. That’s not to stay it can’t mange a bit of fund, but that’s best kept to a dull roar.

Our week was spent doing city chores. There was an airport run, and some weekly shopping. Multivan is surpassingly easy to park. It has a reversing camera with excellent resolution and includes sensors.

The experience is relaxing as long as you allow a little extra time to overtake, and a little extra room to park. Don’t forget, that extra  height might make shopping centres more of an adventure than you’d bargained for.

There were some squeals as rear passengers were about to board and the doors magically slid aside.

Is Multivan Safe?

We’d normally rely on ANCAP for a brief precis on the safety accoutrements , but in this case, there isn’t one. Multivan isn’t rated.

There is a full compliment of airbags, and stability control, but now AEB.

If you want more options, you can go for the top models. They have more gear.

For example 4Motion AWD, adaptive Cruise Control, multi collision braking and AEB are only available on the 450Nm engine. There should be standard across the board. I was downcast when I discovered active lane control wasn’t even an option.

Overall, the safety features list could be longer, especially for the price. ($15,000 more than Hyundai’s equivalent).

Is VW T6 Multivan Black Edition Fit for Purpose?


Multivan is one of the very few true 7 seaters. Whilst I couldn’t think of anything worse than ferrying 6 other people around, Multivan gives you an option that actually has the space to make the chore easy.

Most SUVs offering 7 seats will need the 3rd row occupants to have the dexterity of a Cir du Soleil act. T6 has big wide doors and enough legroom in the 3rd row to make it possible for trips into the country.

Even with all 7 seats occupied, there is enough room for a couple of large bags in the back.

For this reason alone. Multivan Black Edition is 100% perfect for carrying around larger than usual groups of people.

Airport transfers buyers are still going to need a trailer. That, I’d pay money to see.

VW T6 Multivan Black Edition Summary

Come in Spinner!

People movers succeed in moving most of us to a comatose stupor, but the Black Edition verging on sexy. Not only that, but it is fun.

I enjoyed swanning around in a car the size of Tasmania. Sure, it doesn’t have the swagger of a Ranger Rover, or the gravitas of a Lancruiser, but Multivan is much cheaper.

My only reservation is the lack of standard safety and driver aids. Also, the infotainment system isn’t quite up to snuff even with Apple Carplay/Android auto. It has decent sound but it feels a bit old.

Multivan isn’t aimed at me, so putting on my family hat for a moment, a small bus is more practical than an SUV with 7 seats. It can’t go where a Range Rover can go, and wouldn’t want to.

I liked Multivan, a lot.

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The Good:

  • Moveable seats
  • Easy to drive and park
  • Space

The Not so Good

  • No AEB on this model
  • Lacking some safety features
  • Price

VW T6 Multivan Black Edition Details

  • Model Price from $64,990 drive away (until the end of the month)
  • Engine 2.0 L 4Cyl Turbo diesel Petrol
  • Drivetrain 7 Sp DCT, FWD
  • Power 103kW
  • Torque 340Nm
  • Safety not rated
  • CO2 TBA
  • Economy ADR 7.7L/100k
  • Warranty 5 Yrs. / Unlimited km, 1 yr Roadside Assist