1: Commodore is sold in UK/Euro markets by Opel and Vauxhall as an Insignia, and by Buick as a Regal.

Commodore is manufactured in Rüsselsheim (in the Rhein-Main region), Germany. Rüsselsheim am Main is the largest city in the Groß-Gerau district.

2: This is the first Commodore to feature a transverse engine and transmission.

Transverse (or East-West) engines create more space in the cabin, especially in the front seats. Instead of the engine being fitted the cylinders in a line from the front to the back of the engine bay, the engine is turned 90° and sits across the engine bay. The transmission no longer intrudes in to the front of the cabin. Even in the All Wheel Drive model, the tunnel that runs down the middle of the floor is much smaller than in the old Commodore.

3: Despite being slightly smaller than the car it replaced, interior space has barely changed.