The Alfa Romeo Giulia has been awarded a number of accolades around the world since its launch.

And seeing as we haven’t been in one for quite a while, it was high time to see what the fuss was about surrounding the sedan offering.

The vehicle granted to me was the $59,895 base model which starts off the 2.0 litre, eight-speed auto, rear-wheel drive range that extends up to the $71,895 Veloce.

Not to be confused with the six-cylinder, twin-turbo Giulia Quadrifoglio which a whole different beast altogether, priced from $143,000.

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From the outside, the Giulia looks like an ordinary luxury sedan; that’s not to say it’s bland, just that, aside from the Alfa V-shaped grille, there’s nothing outstanding.

The body is smooth and sleek and the turbine-style alloys do catch the eye.

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