10 Hottest Racing Drivers

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 Gay? Or just plain gorgeous?


In No Particular Order, (except Chandler Smith won our vote).


1: Pierre Gasly

F1. Pierre was born in 1996. He debuted in Malaysia and at only 24 is one of the rising stars of the motor world. His rivalry with German, Max Verstappen, makes for good reading and good racing. Seeing them together makes a heart race.

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2: Max Verstappen

F1. Max is certainly that. He was F1’s youngest point scorer and took Red Bull to Victory in Barcelona. Max is the son of former F1 driver, Jos Verstappen. What a little cutie.

3: Carlos Sainz Jr

F1. Son of rally champ Carlos Sainz, Jr races for Mclaren. Another classically chiseled jaw to admire. He has a sexy accent to go with his smoldering good looks.

4: Lando Norris

F1. The 19 year old Brit was nabbed by Mclaren as one of their fastest rising stars for 2019. In his spare time he likes to paint his own race car. The teenager has big things in front of him. He is modest, and sweet, bless him. That is a rare thing in the world of planet-sized egos.

5: Lewis Hamilton

F1. Lew makes the list because he is the big bwana. Bedecked with chains aplenty, and ears dripping with crystals, big Lew makes a splash where ever he goes. Lewis has an ego to match his talent.

6: Sergio Perez

F1. There is a touch of Hollywood about Sergio. He is deeply sexy in a “come hither” kind of way. The 29 year old continues to be consistently hot, on the track and off.

7: Kevin Magnussen

F1. Son of Danish driver, Jan Magnussen, Kevin is 26 and was born in 1992 in Roskilde, Denmark. This hottie has also raced with Mclaren. It seems the boys at McLaren have quite an eye for talent. We agree with their choice.

8: Joey Logano

Nascar. The oft-forgotten world of NASCAR sees a raft of smiling cuties like Joey. The 29 year old comes from Connecticut, and is a Gemini (b. May 24, 1990). Need we say more? We can smell the burning rubber from here.

9: Matt Tifft

Nascar. Adorable Matt Tifft has dimples you could swim in. The 23 year old was born in 1996 in Fairfax, Virginia and races in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. I’m just going to leave this one right here.

10: Chandler Smith

This 17 Year Old competes with the Toyota Camping World Truck Series racing manufacturer team. Chandler was born in 2002 in  Talking Rock, Georgia, United States. We’ll be leaving any comments on Chandler for after his 18th birthday.