The Kia Stinger is epitome of what the South Korean brand is capable of producing right now.

What an amazing car; full of power, style, comfort and luxury, it’s a complete package for a grand tourer sedan.

I was already impressed by the smaller engine version of the Stinger I test drove last year and now the Stinger GT with its bigger V6 engine and higher specifications is just mind blowing.


Of course the general body shape is the same as the Kia Stinger 200S apart from the spiffier alloys, exterior garnishing and chrome accents.

The Stinger has a low profile, longish in shape, with an aggressive stance and styling exemplifying the sporty but elegant branding.

Kia Stinger GTInterior

The interior is really where it shines with an allure that will keep you wanting to stay inside.

First to catch your gaze is the striking burgundy leather interior coating the doors and seats which contrast the silver and black of the rest of the cabin.</