CITROËN put the cute new C3 on sale before the official launch. Buyers have had a few weeks to cast a eye over the French city car.

Here is what they found:


Design echoes the slightly larger Cactus. Dimples on the doors shield it from nasty bollard bumps and wayward shopping trollies.

There are vague references to the Peugeot 208 stablemate too. Double layer headlights integrate the CITROËN double chevron into a sleek line of chrome. It looks good as a post-industrial statement.

8 spoke wheels are unique to the CITROËN C3 and manage a slightly chunky look which gives them a masculine touch.

A cornucopia of body, roof, and interior colours means it is unlikely any two C3 CITROËNs will be exactly the same.


There are nifty features inside that are found in few other cars, and one in particular that is unique.

I’m referring to the inbuilt “dashcam” which not only captures road footage but is connected to the interwebz. Millennials the world over will be catatonic with glee. However, they’ll find the camera is pointed at the road, not the driver so their glee will be short lived.

An arm rest for the driver will only be found in the brown interior option. How French!


  • Apple CarPlay
  • 6 speed auto
  • Front wheel drive
  • Air Bumps on the exterior of doors
  • Speed limit recognition linked to cruise control
  • dash cam built in


  • 1.2 L 81kw,
  • 205Nm
  • 3-cylinder turbo.
  • 0-100 10.9 seconds

Unlike the C4 Cactus which suffered from an ill-advised and unloved semi-auto transmission, C3 starts life with a spiffy 6 speed auto. It is spot on, and although there are 9 speed autos now, the 6 cog model is plenty.

With two on board, the C3 never felt stressed. In fact, a 3-pot is much easier driven through an auto than a shift-em-yourself tranny.

The ride was brilliant, and handling felt reminiscent of the famed 2CV, despite the cheap-assed torsion bar rear end.


4 stars.

Sadly, 2018 brought the AEB requirement for Autonomous Emergency Braking to achieve a full 5 star rating at ANCAP (and Euro NCAP).

The fact that there are features like speed limit recognition are included are irrelevant.

Good Bits

  • Smooth ride
  • Engine and transmission fit for purpose
  • Roomy cabin

Not So Good Bits

  • No AEB
  • No manual (though some argue that won’t be missed)
  • Cruise control on a stalk hidden behind steering wheel


Facts and Figures

Engine:               1.2L 3 cylinder turbo, 81kw, 205Nm, 4.9L/100k

Transmission:   6 speed auto

Safety:                  4 star

Origin:                 France

Warranty:           5yr/unlimited km

Price:                   $23,490 plus onroads