Its name might be long but the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Exceed is a compact SUV.

Following on from my last review of the Toyota C-HR (and not looking too dissimilar) the Eclipse Cross is another look at the ever more popular small crossover SUV.

In my hands were the keys to the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Exceed in the AWD version priced from $38,500.

For my mind, you’re better off in a hatchback or step up to a larger SUV if space is your consideration.

It is additionally hard to fathom its necessity given there is already the Mitsubishi ASX.

But after an extended two weeks in this Mitsubishi it grew on me – it was comfortable and great for driving family members around with no issues even if storage is still a problem.


The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has the best of modern styling leaning towards the trend of sharp edges and aggressive features.

No more prevalent is this than at the rear of the vehicle with a deep swage line leading the eye to the back where you’ll find the cross bar with brake light and spoiler poking out.

Nicer from the side than from the rear view.

The front also features the angular Mitsubishi grille and black plastic lines the side skirting and fenders.