Mustang is full of machismo, with a proud history of American muscle starring in road chases on the big screen, but does that translate to an ownership experience in real life?


With a ragtop, the epitome of freedom is called, Mustang.

True to Iococca’s original, the handsome 2022 brut is both aggressive and beguiling. LED lighting gives the 7-year-old design a modern edge. Unlike many of its predecessors, the 2022 has aged well after more than half a decade, and many sales.

With the textile roof down, the sleek profile is slippery, with a waist line high enough to look solid without the unbearable frumpiness that plagues hardtop convertibles. Mustang continues a long line of the delicious feel of the tactile fabric. Several layers of textile give a hint to the soundproofing absent from her saintly forbears. It is a modern interpretation of the 60’s, without being a mere pastiche.

19” wheels fill the arches, and if Mustang was a supermodel, it would be one wearing Manolo and Parada. It is from the outside, it looks expensive, and substantial.

As the driver approaches, the doors ready themselves to unlock, and mirrors gracefully unfold as the puddle lights are projected into the pavement in the shape of a pony.

There is nothing whatever subtle about the effect such overt masculinity leaves on its observer.