We reviewed Peugeot’s 5008 when launched earlier this year.

Read about it HERE , and our launch review is below


5008 is more than the sum of its parts. It, and 3008, are the new direction Peugeot has taken with design and technology.

  1. Has an electric scooter as an accessory
  2. Has speed sign recommendation
  3. Now has a 5-year warranty and roadside assist
  4. The only SUV in the segment with 7 seats as standard
  5. The only brand with i-Cockpit
  6. Has two underfloor storage areas in second row floor
  7. The only vehicle in the class to offer three ISOfix points in second row (most only outboard)
  8. Three finger prod of the screen brings up a shortcut menu
  9. There is a light in the centre console
  10. The rear tailgate is made from composite – saves weight
  11. One of the lightest vehicles in the segment
  12. It has a further 2 inches between the wheels compared to 3008
  13. Because its 2WD, it saves on fuel use and reduces tyre wear
  14. The handbrake continually monitors the vehicle after parking and readjusts while brakes cool to avoid any movement
  15. The gear level is a not connected to the transmission allowing for greater space and an uncluttered design
  16. There are two tray tables in the back seats
  17. This is the only vehicle with a second row split 1/3rd  1/3rd  1/3rd  and allows independent movement of each chair
  18. The third row seats weight just 11kg and can be removed (they can be used as a picnic chair)
  19. GT-Line and GT grades have a selectable scent dispenser offering three aromas
  20. The vehicle has an app, called scan my peugeot allowing for you to hold your phone to the car and scan for information

Of course, some of these things can be seen in other brands, 5008 is the only one with all of them. How many cars have removeable seats that can be used outside the vehicle?

Imagine being able to stop in a forest. You spread your gingham table cloth, and unpack your basket while your hunny takes the seats from the 3rd row. You sit, cut a piece of cheese, and fill a flute with fizz.

You break a crusty and press the double brie into the soft white flesh.

I know right……