16MY Pajero Sport Exceed gaycarboys (7)


Yes yes yes oh YES: Value, off-road performance, space, features

Oh dear me no: rear end only a mother could love, slightly awkward entry to driver’s seat

The march ever onward to a road fleet consisting almost entirely of SUVs of all sizes and shapes continues.

We drove the Sport on its Australian debut outing. Read about it here.

Like most pucker 4 Wheel Drives, I’d have been more skeptical about her bona fides had I not driven it off-road. In sand, mud and over rocks, the Pajero Sport was a cracker.

Like most SUVs, 4WD, AWD or 2WD, the Pajero Sport will probably not do more than traverse a particularly stubborn gutter. While this will not tax her, the Mitsubishi must happily tackle the urban jungle if it is going to be considered suitable. While most of us don’t have kids, I did a school run and am happy to report the Pajero Sport is now Ollie Approved. My 10 year old honorary nephew shrieked with excitement at having to climb into the cabin using the side steps. He also found the Apple Carplay to be something no modern school kid could do without. There were some off comments about the being plenty of room to hide stray dogs which I chose to ignore.

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